FreeRange Concepts

After seeing the results of a 60-day pilot in The Rustic Houston, the restaurant group launched Tablee in all six of its locations. Here's why...

The Rustic is one of the most popular and exciting restaurant brands in Texas. The Houston location is next to the Houston Rocket’s basketball arena, and it’s the place to be before and after games for food, great drinks, and live music. 

The challenge

The Rustic management team met Tablee at an industry tradeshow in September 2019, and were immediately excited about Tablee’s solution and value propositions.

Rustic’s management team knew first-hand when guests don’t get easy access to service, business suffers in key ways.

1. Server retention - servers weren’t happy when they had to dealt with unhappy guests, the ones with "unknown wants" weren’t taken care of fast enough.

2. High “Comps” as a result of above - free food and drinks given out regularly to resolve guest issues.

3. Missed food and drinks opportunities - because of the “unknown” waits.

Key results

Then, they tried Tablee...

Rustic Houston went live with a 60-day Tablee pilot in early October 2019.  Post-pilot, FreeRange Concepts VP of Operations, Sam Strain, reviewed the numbers and found key business improvements:

1. 50% increase in server retention

In the 60 days prior to Tablee, 52 servers left the restaurant, compared to 26 servers in the period with Tablee. The national average cost of server turnover is $5,864 per employee. 

2. 14% reduction in Comps

Guests, now able to communicate their needs efficiently and quickly, are more satisfied with service. As a result, less situations arise where servers have to give out comps.

Where are they now?

After reviewing the results, FreeRange Concepts proceeded to expand Tablee to all six of their locations in December 2019. As of January 20th, 2020, all six of the group’s restaurants have successfully launched service with Tablee. 

FreeRange Concepts continues to be a fast growing and beloved brand, and Tablee is expected to grow with the concept.

Ready to try Tablee?

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